Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team who worked together over a number of years on international projects aimed at advancing human rights and environmental sustainability.

We have come together to offer a bespoke business development service centred on tailored communication, resources and documents and integrated solutions.

We have worked across all sectors - business, community, government, international agencies, civil society and academia.

Our collective experience runs from small business through to regional and international collaboration.

We work locally and globally. Projects can be supported by specialist language translation services in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. 

Where possible, we seek to align work to global agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement.

We enjoy making the complex simple.

Through working well together, the project experience is made as seamless for our clients as possible.

Our Team:

We draw in trusted others to work with us as required.

Follow our profiles below for detail of our skills and experience and examples of projects.

Elizabeth Ryan

I live in Australia, between Victoria's capital, Melbourne and a beautiful country town in northern NSW called Bellingen.

With a business management background and many years experience in partnership development and project management, I have a passion for cross-sectoral collaboration.

This interest was heightened during the seven years that I worked as Deputy Director of the United Nations Global Compact - Cities Programme.

Managing an international secretariat focused on cities and regions overcoming critical challenges, I witnessed the power of people working together for sustainable urban development.

It also gave me the opportunity to work with remarkable people in countries across the world. I learnt so much.

When working with individuals and organisations, I draw on a blend of newer collaborative and participatory approaches with 'tried and true' business development and relationship management systems and good communication platforms.

As well as a passion for collaboration, I like to help align good work with the UN's Sustainable Development Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Melissa Postma

I am a business analyst and communication manager. I have over 15 years experience supporting businesses and organisations to enhance how they do business and implement improvements to meet changing needs and environments.

I have worked in the finance, biotech, government (national and regional), conservation, fashion and University sectors.

An Aussie, originally from warm Western Australia, I have recently made the chilly but beautiful city of Dunedin in New Zealand my home. 

I enjoy working in dynamic environments and my key skills are business analytics, the development of systems, problem solving, stakeholder management, communication, user experience design and web and document design.

My big driver is fairness, I believe all should have equal opportunity.

And I am big on process improvement and aesthetics - I really like beauty, balance, efficiency and order.

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Steven Harris

I am a graphic designer and web developer currently calling Brisbane home. I have more than fifteen years design experience.

I love a challenge - it keeps me interested. Coming up with solutions, platforms and tools that help clients to grow their business is the most rewarding part of what I do. 

Through designing both the front end visuals and the html framework - combined with developing an understanding of the organisation's challenges and aims - I am able to develop platforms that matches the business or consultancy's needs and goals and supports growth.

I have developed my own web Content Management System (CMS). It is super easy to use, comparable to the free off-the-shelf products, but its flexibility means that design changes and customisation can happen along the journey without big expensive rebuilds. It works out to be great value. And it's so simple, you can even edit your site from a mobile.

I am also an artist and illustrator and complement my digital projects with desktop publishing and design of logos, brochures and other collateral.

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Fiona Thiessen

I am a specialist translator and interpretor. An Australian who recently returned to my hometown of Melbourne, I have lived in Colombia for more than a decade and am fluent in the spanish language.

As well as working with women´s health in Bogotá and other social justice projects, I studied two postgraduate degrees. One was a Specialist in Translation and the other a Masters of Geography - both undertaken in Spanish language.

These studies built on my Bachelor of Science (Major in Psychology, Minor in Sociology), attained from Monash University in Melbourne.  I also have a Diploma of Policy, Land and Territories from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

My passions are human rights, environmental conservation and gender equality.

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Keila Lopes

Brazilian by birth, Australian by nurture, I am proud to call myself a world citizen who is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.

After obtaining two Bachelor’s degrees in Education and Languages in Brazil, France was the choice for my Master’s degree in Iberian, Iberian-American and Italian Studies. I currently live in Brussels and I have also had the pleasure of calling Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore home. 

I have worked across sectors, from Education to Administration and Communication, bringing to them my drive for new challenges and collaborating in multidisciplinary groups. My professional stamp is timely and accurate performance, commitment and energy,  a 'can-do',  joyful - some would say Brazilian - approach.

Languages and communication are my passion. For me, a well translated text not only conveys the meaning and the tone of the original document but also remains appropriate to the target readers.

I am looking forward to putting my skills to the service of new projects that make the dream of a better world, united by the power of shared great ideas, a reality.

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