Keila Lopes

Brazilian by birth, Australian by nurture, I am proud to call myself a world citizen who is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.

After obtaining two Bachelor’s degrees in Education and Languages in Brazil, France was the choice for my Master’s degree in Iberian, Iberian-American and Italian Studies. I currently live in Brussels and I have also had the pleasure of calling Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore home. 

I have worked across sectors, from Education to Administration and Communication, bringing to them my drive for new challenges and collaborating in multidisciplinary groups. My professional stamp is timely and accurate performance, commitment and energy,  a 'can-do',  joyful - some would say Brazilian - approach.

Languages and communication are my passion. For me, a well translated text not only conveys the meaning and the tone of the original document but also remains appropriate to the target readers.

I am looking forward to putting my skills to the service of new projects that make the dream of a better world, united by the power of shared great ideas, a reality.


With limitless partnerships extending around the globe, more than ever, projects are carried out on a multicultural level. In this context, translation has become an essential tool to share ideas, form partnerships, build business and make global reach actions possible.

I enjoy being part of this dynamic reality. I have demonstrated high level translation skills that combine interpretation of the written material (from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese) with careful consideration for the technical subject matter and political, social and cultural context of the document to ensure complete accuracy.

In my semantic approach to translation, I go the extra mile to make sure comprehension between the two ends of the communication channel is optimised. In practical terms, I add background notes for a better understanding of a culture’s idiosyncrasy, and include, whenever relevant, “companion” documents such as abbreviations lists and other materials that could offer an in-depth appreciation of the translated content. 

I also have experience translating for video.

My additional skills also include:

  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Research
  • Computer skills
  • Time management
  • Workload planning
  • Prioritising and organisation
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Cultural and political knowledge

Translation Experience

I have worked in projects for different industries, my most relevant experience is in the Social and Not-For-Profit areas. My performance echoes my strong belief in achieving excellence by teamwork spirit and high commitment, which has led projects to great results.

I undertook many projects over a six year period as a contracted translator with the UN Global Compact - Cities Programme. These include:


Video transcripts:

  • Interview with Teresinha da Silva and Teresinha Margarete do Rosario, Chocolatão Research Project;
  • Testimony of Cezar Buzatto,  Secretary for Local Governance, City of Porto Alegre, Brazil;
  • Sustainability and Citizenship Network with Vania Gonçalves de Souza, Sustainability and Citizenship Networks Coordinator, and Dayane Belmonte Ramos, Community Leader at Vila Santo André.

PowerPoint presentations:

  • The Sustainability and Citizenship Networks of Porto Alegre
  • Sustainability and Citizenship Networks Seminar.

Case Studies:

  • National Food and Nutrition Security (SAN) in Pinhais, Brazil
  • Community Garden Project in Maringá, Brazil, 2014


  • Brochure: UN Global Compact - Cities Programme;
  • The interest of RMIT University in Melbourne (Australia) in collaborative research with Porto Alegre (Brazil)
  • Terms of Reference: City Engagement at the Leading Level of the UN Global Compact - Cities Programme and City Engagement at the Innovating Level of the UN Global Compact - Cities Programme
  • Surveys and questionnaires: Global Compact City Scan (which also included instruction e-mails, letters, chronogram, etc.)
  • Mapping the territory
  • Mapping the assets

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