Steven Harris

I am a graphic designer and web developer currently calling Brisbane home. I have more than fifteen years design experience.

I love a challenge - it keeps me interested. Coming up with solutions, platforms and tools that help clients to grow their business is the most rewarding part of what I do. 

Through designing both the front end visuals and the html framework - combined with developing an understanding of the organisation's challenges and aims - I am able to develop platforms that matches the business or consultancy's needs and goals and supports growth.

I have developed my own web Content Management System (CMS). It is super easy to use, comparable to the free off-the-shelf products, but its flexibility means that design changes and customisation can happen along the journey without big expensive rebuilds. It works out to be great value. And it's so simple, you can even edit your site from a mobile.

I am also an artist and illustrator and complement my digital projects with desktop publishing and design of logos, brochures and other collateral.


I started my career as a visual artist, training with Griffith's College of Art in Brisbane. I initially worked in small design studios as a graphic designer. I then went on to work in design studios in Toowoomba, Brisbane and Melbourne. With time, I learnt the techical side of web development - html coding and website structure and functionality. 

Since then, I have run my own successful consultancy from Brisbane for the past ten years, Steven Harris Designs. My clients have ranged from international organisations to start ups, small to medium enterprises and not for profit organisations. In that process, I have learnt about organisation's needs and challenges and how to design products that are aesthetic but also make it easier for them to do business, attract clients and be more profitable and competitive.

This combination of experience and training has given me a unique skill set that enables me to deliver the full spectrum of digital solutions for organisations, as follows:

Complete Development of Websites

    • visual look and feel
    • design of graphic elements
    • style elements
    • html functionality
    • database
    • sales and merchadising
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and reports

Graphic Design

    • logos
    • icons
    • artwork for books and albums

Brand Development and Redevelopment

    • corporate identity
    • style guides

Desktop Publishing

    • business marketing collateral
    • books, pamphlets, magazines and reports

Project Examples

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

The National Resource Management (NRM) library is a free online tool which provides access to a wide range of NRM information. The library is a collection of articles, maps, databases, videos or any other piece of information that has been shared for the benefit of the wider community. It is about providing a central location to source all available information on any topic within the natural resource management field.

The NRM Library is managed by the Condamine Alliance, a not for profit organisation specializing in environmental philanthropy who partners with community, industry and government to optimise public and private investment for the benefit of our regions natural and cultural resources. 

For the Natural Resource Management Library, I developed a new corporate image and a new website. As well as a logo, the graphic design work for the website included the development of icons. The update of the NRM Library was funded by the Australian Government.

Nutra Mix

I developed new branding for Nutramix, an Australian producer of stock feed, fodder and supplements who wanted to modernise their corporate identity.

My graphic design service to the company included a new logo, colour and style which have been applied in a range of products, including marketing collateral, staff uniforms and stock feedbags.